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EXTERNAL STAFF. Admission form.

Form for researchers and company professionals.

 Catalan version.

 This form complies with regulations CG 17/2016.

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Start date:   The start date must be at least one month before this form is submitted. Please remember that the UPC is closed for three weeks in August.
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I give my consent to the UPC for the treatment of the personal data collected in this form, as described in the data protection information table (RGPD), which I have read.

The admission and employment procedure takes a maximum of 30 days.

The start date must be later than the date on which the account is activated by the Electronic Administration Office. Employment cannot be retroactive.

The Department and Institute Support Unit will contact the professor in charge and the student when the procedure has ended.

We kindly ask that you DO NOT visit the Unit in person, as this does not make the procedure any faster.

Please write to usdi.camins@upc.edu.

Thank you for your cooperation.