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Thesis registration procedure

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Defense request procedure

Once the supervisor and the doctoral student judge that the thesis is ready for defense, the following documents should be sent to the Ph.D. Support Unit (USD):

Attention Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Sustainability students:


Before going to Step 1, you will follow a previous step. You must presentto the Ph.D. Support Unit the following documents:

Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering
  • Examination Commission proposal (different of T document) (model) + brief CV of the members.
  • Proposal of two referees (model)*
  • Examination Commission proposal (different of T document) (model) + brief CV of the members.
  • Proposal of two referees (model)*

* With the prior assessment of the Academic Committee of the program, students with 2 indexed articles and at least one of them as the first author may be exempted.

Once reviewed by the Committee, the request will be approved and you will be able to continue with Step 1.

International Doctorate Mention

Should you wish to obtain the International Doctorate Mention, you must provide the following:

Doctoral thesis as a collection of published articles

In case of presenting a doctoral thesis as a collection of published articles, you must resent your application form before starting with the deposit procedure.

The term between the presentation of the documents until the Standing Committee of the Doctoral School determines on the application is of 15 working days.

For further information visit the Doctoral School.

Payment of fees

Once the enrolment process ends, a fee is generated. Registration is not considered official until the corresponding fee has been paid in full.


Once the Doctoral School Office gives public notification of the thesis deposit via the UPC website, the stablished legal calendar starts:

Bear in mind that any amendment affecting the process could result in delays.