The tutorship enrolment is ANNUAL and can be:



An extraordinary registration period will be opened in February for new students with Visa or grants concerns.



The thesis registration deposit will be on-site throughout the year, once verified that the documentation is correct. For more information visit the section on thesis deposit procedure).Students who deposit the thesis before November 30, will not need to formalize the enrollment for the course 20-21.


Students must submit the following documents:

In foreign universities or institutions of higher education
Research plan registration should take place during the first year, as RD99 states that the RP should be presented during the first year.

The tutorial enrolment will be formalized on-line via e-Secretaria in the dates established each academic year

Should you be entitled to any exemption from university fares, enrolment must then be in person and the following documents be presented:

Please visit the FAQ section on on-line enrolment via e-Secretaria, here.

Please remember that it is compulsory to present the enrolment application to the USD duly signed by the director and the student.

Payment methods

There are five methods of payment:

For more information click here (information only provided in Catalan).