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Students - Unpaid internships


Unpaid student placements at departments and institutes

  •  Description.

Agreements are set up for students external to the UPC, who can apply for unpaid placements at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the FLUMEN Institute and the Sustainability Institute.

This process is designed so that it is external students who carry out the procedure once they have received the letter of invitation from the UPC professor who will act as their host.

The stay does not entail enrolling in a course of study at the UPC or any manner of financial remuneration or payment in kind. In this case, the UPC acts as the company that hosts the student, and the sending entity is in charge of the procedure for arranging the stay at the UPC.


  • What activities can be carried out?

The stay involves a placement and/or apprenticeship in a laboratory belonging to a department, institute or specific research centre (CER) for academic purposes.


  • Which unit is in charge of doing the paperwork?

. Department and Institute Support Unit - Civil Engineering Management and Support Unit

. UPC Legal Services Area - Agreement Unit


  • What are the requirements?

To be an enrolled bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree student during the entire stay.

The teaching and research staff member who has invited the student must have arranged for them to have a workspace.

What documents must be provided?

The following form must be used. Please read it carefully. The boxes corresponding to the UPC have already been filled in. At the end of the document, include:

  1. A scanned black-and-white copy of your passport or national identity document.
  2. The letter of invitation from the teaching and research staff member. Please use this letter of invitation if you need to.
  3. A copy of your insurance policy.

Scanned copies of the documents (originals are no longer necessary) can be sent to:



The Department and Institute Support Unit will review, process and send the document to the Legal Services Agreement Unit. It will also inform the professor responsible for the student of the start of the procedure. Once the document has been signed by all the parties, students' digital credentials can be issued, allowing them to have a card and access to buildings if necessary.


Agreements provided by the sending university.

These documents will be reviewed beforehand by the Legal Services Area and they must comply with its specifications. The agreements must include the logo of the two entities, the sending entity and the UPC. The latter is available at the corporate identity website  (UPC intranet credentials are necessary).

In this case, the following sections must be included:

  1. Intellectual property: if there are advances in research, these will remain at the UPC, which will be the sole owner.
  2. Conflict resolution: should there be a dispute, it will be resolved in accordance with Spanish law.
  3. Energy-saving closure periods: Easter, the first three weeks in August and the Christmas period. The professor in charge and the student must reach an agreement about any tasks that must be carried out during these periods.

If these sections are not included, the Legal Services may not approve the document. The sections may be added. Other possible texts are:

English version

Article 00. Intellectual property

Any work resulting from the placement will remain at the host institution (UPC) and will be property of the host institution (UPC).

Article 00. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

In the case of a dispute related to the implementation or interpretation of this agreement, if no amicable solution is reached the parties agree to abide by the decision of the courts of the country in which the dispute took place.


  • Do I need some kind of insurance?

As stated in the agreement. It is compulsory for students to take out an insurance policy that covers illness, accident, civil liability and repatriation in the case of death during their stay.


  • How long will it take to get an answer to my application?

Approximately 30 days from the date on which the Department and Institute Support Unit receives the document from the sending university.

  • Who authorises the placements?

The vice-rector corresponding to the level of the student's degree.


Reminders for students and professors:

Agreements for stays that have already begun or ended will not be processed. The procedure cannot be guaranteed in the case of students who are already at the UPC.

The procedure begins when the correct, complete agreement is received. Agreement + letter of invitation + identity document or passport + insurance

The procedure will be stopped if the professor in charge does not issue an electronic signature after receiving the electronic signature e-mail.

An appropriate workspace must be provided for the student.

They cannot be graduates or students who are not currently enrolled at the sending university.

No placements are allowed in August and this must be stated in the agreement.

When the agreement is from the sending university, special attention must be paid to the intellectual property clauses and the section on the applicable legislation and jurisdiction.

Handwritten agreements and agreements with crossed-out and/or corrected parts will not be accepted.