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Request for a space

This form allows the interested party to request a non-permanent space to carry out an academic activity in the environment of the DECA.

According to the type of relationship with the DECA the following order of prioritization is established for the assignment of space:
1. Full-time postdoctoral contract with CLE less than 54 PAD,
2. Postdoctoral PQS / PTS contract,
3. Predoctoral competitive scholarship (FPI, FPU, FI, etc.),
4. Predoctoral contract linked to the DECA or to any research entity linked to the UPC,
5. Contract for Work and Service (PAS-PSR, etc.).
UPC students have work rooms on the Campus Nord and the Biblioteca Rector Gabriel Ferraté.

The final concession of space is subject to availability.

* Mandatory fields.


Shift:   For better optimization of the space adjust the use you will make of the space.


Start date:  
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End date:  
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Your request will be send to usdi.camins@upc.edu, Unitat de Suport a Departaments i Instituts, UTG de Camins. At the end of the corresponding period we will contact you to inform you accordingly.